This content of the article was written by Mr Duong Van An, an English teacher who regularly teaches for nurses and doctors at hospitals in Danang. 

Conversation 1: FEVER

Patient: Nurse, I think I might have a fever, It’s so cold in here !

Nurse: Here, let me check your forehead. 

Patient: What do you think ? 

Nurse: You feel a bit warm, let me get a thermometer to check. 

Patient: How do I raise my bed ? I can’t find the controls.

Nurse: Here you are, is that better ?

Patient: Could I have another pillow ?

Nurse: Certainly, here you are. Is there anything else I can do for you ? 

Patient: No, Thankyou !

Nurse: OK, I’ll be right back with the thermometer. 

Patient: Oh, justa moment. Can you bring me another bottle of water, too ?

Nurse: Certainly, I’ll be back in a moment. 

3 minutes later:

Nurse: I’m back, here’s your bottle of water. Please put the thermometer under your tongue.

Patient: Thank you !

Nurse: Yes, you have a slight fever. I think I’ll take your blood pressure as well.

Patient: Is there anything to worry about ? 

Nurse: No. Everything’s fine. It’s nomal to have a bit of fever after an operation like yours !

Patient: Yes, i’m so glad everything went well. 

Nurse: You’re in good hands here ! Please hold out your arm

Conversation 2: SORE THROAT

This content of the article written by Mr Do Minh Hoang, an English teacher in Danang. 

Doctor: Good morning, you look pale and your voice is out of tune. 

Patient: Yes, doctor. I’m running and temperature and have a sore throat. 

Doctor: Lemme see. (Let me see).

(Doctor touches the forehead and feel temperature of the patient)

Doctor: You have a moderate of fever. So how do you feel now? 

Patient: My throat was burning and hot, it was difficult to swallow and I felt chills.

Doctor: You need to rest now and take medicine and drink a lot of water. I’ll prescribe medicine for you, if you don’t feel better, let come back here after 3 days I’ll check again.

Patient: Doctor, how about food i need to eat for recover quick ? 

Doctor: You need to eat more vegatables, fruits and foods with anti-imflammotary and anti-bacterial properties. If you need more let go to for detail. 

Conversation 4: Sprains

A foreigner enters your clinic with a sprain, you receive and exploit his condition: 

Nurse: You seem very tired, sit dow here and tell me what happened to you ?

Patient: I had a small accident when I was riding a motorbike on the road, at that time I didn’t feel pain, but when I got home, my feet were swollen and very painful when i walked. 

Nurse: Maybe you had a sprain, let me take you to see the doctor. 

At the doctor room: 

Doctor: How do you feel right now ?


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